09 11 2001

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09 11 2001 is a handmade artist’s book that includes the names and photographs of all the victims that tragically died as a result of the events on September 11, 2001.  Along with the documentation of each of the victims, the book also contains newspaper covers from around the world depicting and describing the tragic events as well as images of the different sites the tragedies took place that day.  All the text in this 9/11 artwork is simplified and does not contain any punctuation.

09 11 2001 is separated into the following sections, creating a timeline of events starting at 8:46am and ending with the last plane crash at 10:03am:

8 46 – includes the victims of American Airlines Flight 11

9 03 – includes the victims on United Airlines Flight 175, the individuals who were in or around the WTC towers and the first responders who passed away as a result of the tragedy

9 37 – includes the victims of American Flight 77, as well as the victims in the Pentagon;

10 03 – includes the victims of United Airlines Flight 93 that crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency.