Annual Review Part II: 2014 Goals

Now I’m onto part two (here’s part one) of my annual review, the more exciting part, my plans/goals/hopes for the year :)  I won’t go as in depth as last year, but here’s a couple of the less boring ones:


  • Oil painting.  I’ve been putting this one off for a while because of other projects, but I will revisit oil painting this year.  I have almost everything I need, so I have no excuse.  I think I will make this my big project for the year. (image from a previous post, painting called Hem by Jenny Saville)


  • New skill I’d like to acquire this year is lithography.  It’s the perfect medium between printmaking and drawing, I can’t wait!  Inspired by my favorite artist, of course. (lithograph by Kathe Kollwitz from MOMA)
  • And of course, I’d like to continue fine tuning everything else, so I will continue with letterpress, photography, screenprinting, etc. and fine tuning my balance between personal projects and commissioned work.
  • Try to show more work!  I started the year super strong and then ended with no efforts to show work.  This year, my hope is to keep a steady amount of applications going out :)
  • Lastly, I’m going to give teaching a try, see where that takes me this year.  Starting next weekend, I will be shadowing/helping out with a class to see if I like it.  Having been a babysitter/nanny for most of my life, I have not only developed a TON of patience, but also gotten really good at explaining things in the simplest ways possible, I’m hoping that will give me a good base.
  • My online shop… I’m now almost done with my shop and debating scrapping it completely to start over because I am not happy at all with it.  So, my plan is to get that up ASAP.  Sooner than ASAP.  Actually, my plan was to get it up last year, but we all know how that worked out.


  • As far as travel, I’d like to go to at least two new cities, as well as some old ones.  My year started out right with a weekend trip to Washington D.C. (see above) that got extended due to the extreme cold in Chicago.  I can’t say it was awful to have an extra day with nothing to do and great friends to hang out with :)  But let’s hope that the rest of my trips this year are not plagued with delayed and cancelled flights.
  • And in between that, I’d like to keep my sanity by continuing to dance, do yoga, run, read books, attend plays and concerts and all the other little things that make life more enjoyable :)

Looking forward to all of that and all the unexpected changes that 2014 will bring :)

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2 Responses to Annual Review Part II: 2014 Goals

  1. Madeleine McGuire says:

    may 2014 bring you surprises, adventures, and lots more magic! you are incredible. Keep on with your bad self, girl.

    • Angelika says:

      Thank you Maddy! It’s always great to hear your encouragement! I hope your 2014 bring you all that and more as well :)

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