The Painter’s Other Library is a meditation on silence. The quiet of the library is evoked in the paintings as well as the history of the building and the galleries that house the exhibit. Themes in the work are also drawn from research into the Holocaust and the destructive program of the Nazis. While none of the work in the show explicitly states any of these histories, the formal choices of color, image and surface implicitly beg questions about how we perceive books and paintings and how we access and conceive knowledge. A painter keeps a library to engage these subjects. The Painter’s Other Library provides models for giving them form.



A while back, I attended the opening for the current show at the Chicago Cultural Center- The Painter’s Other Library with work by Matthew Girson.  It’s a great show in a beautiful building and it’s up until August 10th.

On June 28th, Matthew Girson will be participating in a panel discussion, along with Paul Jaskot and Lise McKean.  I have yet to meet Lise McKean, but have taken both Girson’s and Jaskot’s classes at DePaul and can’t speak highly enough of them.  The panel will be at 1pm and I’ll, of course be there :)

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