9/11 Artist Book Update

My life over this past week has been taken over by my latest project, a book about the victims of 9/11.  I have sacrificed pretty much everything else on my schedule this past week, and the next three weeks.  This means I am not attending my guitar classes, skipping my screenprinting classes, not accepting any social invitations, slacking on marathon training runs, missing out on one of my favorite friends being in town, declining babysitting gigs and just generally not eating, sleeping or tending to personal hygiene often.  This, of course, all means, that I’m making some magical art stuff happen, and although I am under-slept and tired, I am happy and hopefully putting together something that will make me proud in the end.  Here’s what my life looked like over the past few days:

I knew it was time to give up for the day late last night (but really this morning) when I started flipping words and letters…

Thank you to my absolutely wonderful family, I got much more done than I would have. Instead of watching me cry all weekend, they jumped in and helped me organize everything. Hours of work if I had done it alone! And in fact, I think (hope) (please?!?!) they’re going to help me organize the big WTC stack (see box, first row, third image) which will be an absolute lifesaver :) So thankful! If anyone else wants to pitch in… ;) And of course, the mastermind behind every single one of my projects, Misiu, went over and beyond what was expected of him and moved from corner to corner, testing all the expensive paper, cutting mats, and printouts for comfort. In terms of dedication, I think he wins.

And as for the universe proving to me that I can run but I cannot hide, I brought the remnants of glue that somehow survived a shower with me to work this morning.

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