A documentary about being Happy :)

I recently watched Happy (2011) and I’m sure I’m a little bit late on this bandwagon, but I absolutely loved it.  The documentary explores what happiness is and how different individuals attain it.  What I love about it is that it looks for happiness all over the world, there is a man from Kolkata, a family in Denmark, a man from Louisiana and more.  There is a story about a single mother who  found that living in a co-housing community brought her out of depression.  There is a story about a woman who was run over by a truck and was disabled for 9.5 years and how she ended up finding happiness.  I had tears in my eyes during the part where bullying was covered…!  The documentary also talks about ‘gross national happiness’ and how our governments play into how happy or unhappy we are in our everyday lives.  On one hand, there is a section devoted to Karoshi, the Japanese term for ‘death from overwork’ and on another, there is also a section on Denmark, which is consistently names the happiest country in the world and how the country’s focus on community plays into this (my next overseas destination is now officially Denmark).  The film also mentions flow, which is my favorite new thing :)  So many wonderful topics covered.  My only complaint is that it’s so short and I’d love to know more!

Overall, I highly recommend this, it’s on Netflix or you can rent it for $3.  I’m a big advocate of self-awareness and figuring out how to keep happy and I think this film brings up quite a bit to think about.

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