A Library for Art


Art has a reputation for being inaccessible and expensive.  Perhaps you are trying to look at an artwork detail and your nose sets off that annoying beeper or perhaps you’ve simply seen some of the prices at art fairs or perhaps you’ve been scarred in some other way.  Regardless of how, many of us have had the idea ingrained in us that art is some sort of elusive treasure, art is not to be cheap and art is not something that everyone can appreciate and understand.  Which is why programs like Jane Adams Hull-House Art Lending Library are so exciting :)  Chicagoans can visit the Hull-House, pick out a piece and borrow it for three months.


The Hull-House Mobile Art Corps not only delivers and picks up, but also installs the artwork in your home.  The best part?  They  somehow manage to offer this all for free.   Visit their website for more details and check out the Art Lending Catalog!  You can also check out similar programs in Seattle and San Francisco.


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