About Me


I knew I wanted to be an artist ever since I was a young kid growing up in Poland making tiny little booklets about growing flowers. There was really only one moment in my life during which I questioned that plan. During this very confusing time, right after I graduated college, I fell into a panic and got myself an office job because doing anything else seemed terrifying. I did that 9-5 job thing for about a year before snapping out of it and getting back on track. I needed to be an artist, I knew that, despite the panicked feeling I got every time I thought about it.  And so, with time, I built angelikapiwowarczyk.com, rented out a private studio, got a part time side job and some freelance gigs, applied for and received my first grant and started something that I’m very proud of.

Fast forward a bit and here we are. I am a visual artist working out of a studio located at Spudnik Press in Chicago. I can’t seem to decide on a medium to work in, so I jump around, working with handmade books, printmaking, drawing, painting and a combination of some or all of those as well as any new skills I can learn. I gather my inspiration from history and cultures, but even more importantly the people behind them. Whether it is individual stories or huge historical events, I find myself fascinated with how each of our lives is shaped by the past and how with every day we have the potential to change some small part of the future. My art idols include Kathë Kollwitz, Alberto Giacometti and Richard Serra (yes, I realize two out of three of these are mainly 3-D artists, I just aspire to one day be something resembling the 2-D version of them!)

Along those lines, the things that make me smile inside and out and often inform the work I make include: spending hours in art or history museums, travelling whenever and wherever I can, lugging around my camera everywhere, reading enormous amounts of books, obsessively checking the news and taking classes on anything and everything.

If you’re interested in reading a bit more about my art, as well as seeing where my work has been published or exhibited, check out my C/V.