Animal Inside Out at the Museum of Science and Industry

This week I took a trip to the Museum of Science and Industry to check out the Animal Inside Out exhibit. I absolutely love knowing how stuff works, and there’s something absolutely fascinating about the complexity of living things and the malleable but also incredibly strong bodies can be.


One of my favorite parts of the exhibit was seeing the muscles of a (more than) 2,000 pound bull. There’s something beautiful about how powerful these huge animals are…

6895725540_b79faaf0e1While I loved going through the Animal Inside Out exhibit itself, I think I spent just as much time listening to the reactions of those around me. I was fortunate (unfortunate?) enough to be at the museum pretty early on a weekday, which meant there were tons of school kids running around, and a great deal of kids on what I am assuming is their spring break. This also meant there were a lot of exclamations of “Ew!” and “Gross!” throughout the exhibit. (Also, there was that one young kid who didn’t want to stop squishing the cow eye one of the presenters let him touch…) While it is slightly disturbing to think that at one point this plasticized body we are standing in front of was a living being, it’s unfortunate that we tend to think bodies are sometimes gross. There’s something about the functions of bodies that for some reason we sometimes (or, some of us, at all times) find uncomfortable. And yet, it all helps us function and it all helps us survive in ways that sometimes we don’t even understand. While I’ve flipped through my share of anatomy books for figure drawing, there’s really nothing else like seeing the body in real life and being able to see it up close. I’m on the fence about how respectful these Body Worlds exhibitions are to the deceased, but I can’t say that I am not fascinated by them. The Animal Inside Out exhibit is up until September 2nd at one of my favorite museums in Chicago, the Museum of Science and Industry :)

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