Animal Prints

20140208_untitled shoot_123 20140208_untitled shoot_122 20140208_untitled shoot_120

If you’ve been reading and following along the blog, you probably know that I have quite a soft spot for animals. If you haven’t, please know that I’m a total animal lady.  The kind that posts pictures of her dog on Instagram and talks to him in baby voices even though it’s clearly impractical and the dog has no idea what’s going on, much less understands what I’m saying.  Having said that, here’s the latest of some animal prints on canvas I haven’t shared yet, with the kittens being the most recent and Telek the pup below from a while back (please excuse the bad iPhone photo of Telek, he doesn’t actually have the weird shadow in real life, here’s some more accurate photographs!).  And lastly, the dog that started it all, Buck from about a year ago.

20131217_untitled shoot_118
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