Annual Review 2014 Part 1

I LOVE lists.  I do not function without lists.  I make several lists a day.  It’s an obsession… and because I like to feed my obsessions, I’m going to take a look at the list I made last year and then make a new one for the upcoming year.  I did two parts (1 and 2) to the annual review last year and I liked how that worked, so here we go with part 1 for this year, a look at what this past year has brought.

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So, as far as the art deal was concerned, my goal was to set up a studio and keep the regular schedule for a year.  Done and done.  Well, almost done and done, I skipped a day of studio work here and there sometimes to work from home, but I feel good about the commitment I had to making this work.  If I wasn’t working at the studio, I was usually working at home.

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As much as I succeeded at this previous one, my travel plans did not pan out.  Sometimes, it turns out, you can’t plan your life.  Over the past year, my life went through some tremendous changes.  Changes that I could not have planned for, but changes that I had been waiting for for quite a while (even as I type this, I know this is an understatement).  Anyway, when life happens, certain things take the backseat, and Europe was one of those things.  For now, I’ll just daydream about Copenhagen and Amsterdam :)  I did however take a few short trips this year.  I did San Francisco by myself (more and more) (although visiting great friends!) with my mom (here, here and here) and later with my sister and her friend (thanks to Kathy for putting up with not only me, but all the people I brought with!), St. Louis with my friend Krista and Ted (thanks to Ted for hosting us!), and NYC and DC (more here, here and here), thanks to Greg and Airbnb :)

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Business goals were to start making some money off of the work I do, this worked out very well with numerous commissions throughout the year :) I did some logo design, some invitations, some photography and some odds and ends here and there.  Also, I don’t know why this was under business, but I did make a lot of gifts this year, especially for the holidays, I’ll be sharing those soon.

2013-photo 2a

Health goal was to finish my second marathon and I did.  Although I did plan to run it, apparently.  But I retract my wording.  I meant barely finish :)

securedownload Briana-15 20131117_Krista_198

Finally, I wanted to finish my photography program.  This was definitely the year of photography.  I took pictures and then I took more pictures and then when I finished, I took even more pictures (a couple more here and here).  I won’t even try to round up all the posts with photography, there’s way too many.  In fact, I may have more photography on here than art.  I love how equally creative both are and I like being able to jump back and forth between the two.

Overall, I feel pretty good about this past year.  I also feel like it FLEW.  I’m not sure where the time went…!  Regardless, I’m on my first adventure of the year this weekend, stuck in a car with two of my favorite people for 11 hours.  Let’s hope they are still some of my favorite people when we get to DC :)  Next week, I’ll post some goals I have for the upcoming year.  Until then, hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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