Art in Chicago

Earlier this year, Chicago was hit where it hurts by the organizers of Art Chicago, who deemed this city not worth their time and attention and cancelled the annual fair.  I’m quite bitter about this because in my non-expert opinion, Chicago is a great city for art.  Also, I love Chicago, so I’m biased.  Anyway, former director  of Art Chicago Tony Karman (in video above) decided he wasn’t going to give up just yet, and put together a new fair: Expo Chicago.  The art fair is up at Navy Pier until this Sunday and is definitely worth checking out.  I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I find the music in the above video extremely irritating, so bear with it.  Here’ another video that includes some of the artwork, for this one, I recommend turning the sound completely off :)

It’s also Gallery Weekend in Chicago, so if talks, lectures and receptions are more your thing, you can see all of this weekend’s events here:  And a couple other exciting shows are coming up, better summed up by the Trib than myself:,0,1251952.story

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