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Lately, I’ve been meeting some great female artists/creatives in Chicago and I’ve absolutely been loving the little community that’s been forming.  The idea that there is no one right way of being an artist keeps coming up in conversations, when we each realize that we’ve all taken different paths to get to where we are.  I’ll probably come back to this idea later, but this blog is more about female artists in general.  I don’t consider myself to be super feminist, but as a female and an artist, I can’t help but get a bit riled up when I hear some of the stats on women in art.  I came across news about this recent event called Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon this past week and I’m disappointed to have missed it, but very excited that events like these are taking place.  Essentially, the premise is that females are underrepresented as both the subjects of Wikipedia articles, as well as the writers and editors of the articles.  Events like these aim to change both of these statistics.

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One of the artists that was added was Clare Rojas, whose work I fell in love with when I was interning at the Kavi Gupta gallery in Chicago a while back.  Her work is so beautifully simple.  You can find some more of the artists added and more information on the event in this article.  Also, here’s a video I found from the Chicago branch of the meetup :)

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