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Having just secured a new artist studio starting in January, I am now often imagining a beautiful and clean space to work in :)  Of course, in my imagination, there are no paint splatters, the floor is so clean you could eat off of it and there’s a nice comfy couch for when I get tired.  The reality will probably (but for sure) look drastically different :)  Either way, it did get me thinking about how I am going to fill the space and how I am going to work.  While I have a great studio right now, it is not permanent and contains stuff that is not mine.  So I don’t really feel like it is completely mine.  I feel like I’m staying at a hotel.  Does that make sense?  Anyway, on a trip to Dublin, I got the opportunity to visit the Francis Bacon studio at the Hugh Lane Gallery.  While I don’t love Bacon like I love Kathe Kollwitz, I do find myself always intrigued by him.  There’s something about his art that always draws me back.  So, with or without my love for the man, it was really cool to see the studio.  It’s also really cool to know that, at the very least, my studio will not be as bad as his :) (Please excuse the quality of photos the younger version of me took, she was just learning…)

I really did enjoy his quote though :)  At least he owns his mess.  Here’s a couple more artist studios I came across, partly to this gem of a book that I picked up at the Newberry book sale one year (although the title, “The Artist in His Studio” flares up my inner feminist)…

Picasso and his artist studio

Giacometti in his artist studio

Pollock in his paint splattered artist studio

And speaking of a mess, here’s Warhol.  Oh, and his Factory.  (This is not the sort of couch I was referring to when I said I wanted on in my studio…!)

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