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So, as the title suggests, the shop is up! (, go take a look…)  Or rather, I think it’s up :)  I’ve looked through and checked around to make sure everything works… and I think it does.  Or rather I hope it does!  The shop is something I’ve been meaning to put up for quite a while, but I have been putting it off because it seemed like such a daunting task.  I finally buckled down and spent a few months working on it (to be fair, this most recent version has only taken about a month or so, but this is the third version… so it seems like it took forever!)  Anyway, it’s up and it gives me comfort to know that if someone is interested in purchasing something, they can :)  that’s all I’ve been wanting for the past year or so and it’s been a long road to get here!  I’ve been playing with websites since I first learned how to build this one about two (more or less?) years ago.  Since I’m not a coder and I’m all self taught, I needed to jumping off point and started looking for something simple, clean and easy to use.  I found GraphPaperPress and although I had looked elsewhere for other options, I always end up coming back to them :)  So the new shop is up partly due to their work and great products.  Here’s some info about them and a link to their beautiful themes:

Graph Paper Press WordPress themes

Graph Paper Press is a small team of web designers and developers based in Brooklyn, NY who build graphically minimal WordPress themes for photographers, artists and entrepreneurs. Their content-rich designs allow you to create a blog, build a portfolio and sell your photography or artwork online in one place! They offer a variety of free WordPress themes and premium WordPress themes that cater specifically to the needs of creatives.

Use coupon code SAVE25TODAY and save 25% :)

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