Back to running…Chicago Marathon #2

After a couple months’ long post marathon running hiatus and a very short stint with Insanity, runner Angelika is back. For one reason or another, I signed up for my second Chicago Marathon. Probably because they told me I might not be able to run it, which made me want to run it even more. Luckily, I got picked in the lottery. Unluckily, now that I’ve started running again, it hurts.


It’s funny to think what a different outlook I had on running and physical activity in general this time last year. I had signed up for the marathon with the knowledge that I may not run it. At the time I signed up, it was months away and completely terrifying. So, I signed up because it had been something that I had considered doing the previous year, because I had some extra time at work and didn’t have anything else to do, because I wanted to force myself to be some sort of athletic. But I also signed up because I promised myself that I wouldn’t force it and that I would acknowledge the fact that I had never been athletic and may never be. This year, I signed up with a lot more confidence. In the past year, I ran a half marathon, a full marathon and a 15k. I got multiple friends involved in running and even got my little sister to start. She’ll be running her first half-marathon this June :) My goal for this year will be to simply beat my time from last year. I spent a lot of my time last year learning how to do stuff. I read a lot (no surprise there) and experimented a lot with what worked for me. Now I feel like I’ve figured it out, more or less, so I can focus more on the actual running, which will be nice. I also will try not to take a couple of weeks off from training in August :) But I’m not one to make promises I cannot keep. Anyway, here’s to more goofy and overly giddy thumbs up pictures to come!


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