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I recently did a small bakery logo design project for a friend and thought I’d share it :)  She asked me to come up with something as a gift to her sister and came up with the idea of designing a logo for the bakery they have been daydreaming about for a while.  I loved the idea :)  She had a general idea of two girls hugging and the name they had discussed, so I had a lot to start with.

Final Copy Large-2

Here’s the finished design, as well as progress of the design below, from notebook to digital to color.  There’s also a gif (which, I am very proud to say I just learned to make in Photoshop all by myself) of all the different colors we were considering:

Sweet Sisters

Sweet Sisters2


Since I live closer to her sister than she does, I also ended up delivering it.  I framed it and packed it up, so it wouldn’t get ruined or dirty and so that the neighbors would not get nosy and dropped it off in her lobby one morning last week.  The plan was that I would drop off and the birthday girl would get a text immediately and come downstairs to find her present.  It didn’t work out this smoothly…

framed package

 As an extra precaution, after I took this picture, I made sure to write a ‘for’ and ‘from’ and a big ‘Happy Birthday!’ because 1) I didn’t want anyone freaking out that there was a mysterious package dropped off in the lobby containing who knows what and 2) you’d have to be a real jerk to steal your neighbor’s hand delivered birthday present.  So, everything went according to plan, until her sister came downstairs and couldn’t find the package.  Of course, as she tried to track it down, my friend and I furiously texted back and forth about the thieving neighbors and perhaps the handy man and “I hope they open it and hate it” and “We should have copyrighted it!”.  Long story short, within the hour, it turned out that in reality we were actually just being jerks and assuming the worst when we found out that the gift was hanging out in the administrative office of the building.  One of the office workers had brought it in with the intentions of delivering it to her floor.  Needless to say, it was a very exciting day and the first time my artwork has ever been this close to a potential crime :)

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