New York’s Latest Obsession: Banksy


I love New York for all the passion those kids have. Whether it’s cronuts, the Rain Room, or now, Banksy.  I think New Yorkers just love to love things.  And I’m with them, I love to love things, too.

And I absolutely love this.  Banksy, an artist from England, who is doing a month long ‘residency’ on the streets of New York, set up a stall in Central Park and recruited the man in the video to sell his pieces on the street.  At the end of the day, his sales totaled $420.  While he was selling these pieces for $60 each, they are potentially worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.  It makes me feel a bit better (but also…worse?) knowing that even what is considered to be great art (and in this instance by great art, I’m talking about the monetary value of art we assign as a community) doesn’t fly off the shelves.




You can (and should) visit his website to see more and listen to some of the audio that accompanies the artwork.  Also, is it safe to assume he/she/they (who is Banksy?) are a vegetarian?

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