Binding Desire: Unfolding Artist’s Books

I came across this show, called Binding Desire: Unfolding Artist’s Books at the Otis College of Art and Design, as a result of watching Jenna Rodriguez (I send you to her website often nowadays, don’t I?) print her commissioned single page book recently.  First, I love this video they have posted on several of the books in the show:

The first book in the video, Absence by J. Meejin Yoon was one that I had looked at extensively when I was preparing to start my own book on 9/11, 09 11 2001, way back in in 2012.  The book was recommended to me by Matthew Girson, a mentor and great professor I had worked with on a previous book with.  That’s become one of my favorite references for simplicity, which is always something I struggle with as I tend to get caught up in projects and end up making them more and more complex with every step.  Not to say that I’m unhappy with that, but I do try strive for simplicity.

Folding Instruction For Extinct

Another great component to this show is the part that Jenna is involved in, the show includes three single page printable books for anyone to print and own :) Here’s Jenna’s book, Extinct (image above), Emphasis On Brief Moments Of Intense Truths by Hazel Mandujano and an Origami Fold Book by Bonnie Thompson Norman.

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