Blog Birthday!


Usually I wouldn’t do two posts in a row, but it’s my blog’s first birthday, and like a proud mother, I’d like to commemorate the occasion :) (I don’t know whether it’s normal to know your blog birthday, but here we are…) I reflected a bit on why I started blogging and why I keep on blogging in past posts, so I won’t go back to that, but I will add that posts like this one is the reason I think that blogging is worthwhile (and this post and this post and this post).  Blogging provides an opportunity for people to connect.  Whether it is simply sharing something we find interesting, or providing an opportunity to connect a much deeper level like these bloggers above did.  Sometimes I wonder if I should be writing about running or my travel obsession or a German U-505 on my art website.  I have this idea of what an art website should be, and I don’t picture any of those topics on there.  And yet, here they are.

Part of the reason that they are here is because I have no idea what I’m doing and don’t anticipate figuring it all out anytime soon.  But there’s also a more deliberate reason.  When I first started, I had this idea of having a very organized and focused art blog where I talk about… art.  But I soon realized that was really hard.  While I cannot imagine doing anything else but art, that’s not my entire life.  Besides being an artist, I am also an individual who cannot sit still and has an extremely short attention span.  I want to learn everything and I want to go everywhere and I want to try everything.  So I share these things that I find exciting or interesting.  And I think that’s ok, it reflects who I am, and what better place to do that than on my website where I get to share some art with you, along with little bits and pieces of myself.  (Oh, and pictures of dogs I’d like to keep sharing pictures of dogs if you don’t mind).  If I share all these different things, then maybe one or two (or, if we’re getting crazy, all of you) can find something or other you can relate to.

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