Blurring the lines between 3D and 2D

Time and time again, we hear about the three dimensional qualities two dimensional work conveys.  We talk about the depth of the painting, or the light conveying space or even a simple horizon defining the foreground and background.  But what about the other way around, three dimensional works encompassing the qualities of two dimensional work?  As someone who loves to jump from medium to medium in my own work, the drastic jumps that these following artists take are fascinating.  First, a Portuguese artist named David Oliveira who makes what I consider to be 3-D ‘drawings’ out of wire.

So expressive, so minimalist and simple, but so beautiful.  The coolest thing about these sculpture-drawings is that you can view them from multiple perspectives (as with any sculpture).

Here is David Oliveira’s website, with more images:

Another artist reversing the usual scheme of things is Alexa Meade, whose “life painting” I’ve been fascinated with for quite a while now.

It is very cool to see these paintings enter the ‘real’ world. (It reminds me of Space Jam!… ah, the 90’s.)  And very cool to think about the reverse process of using real life to replicate a painting, versus the norm of using painting to replicate life.

For more, here’s Alexa Meade’s website:

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