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Sometimes, I have these grand existential moments and wonder why I’m doing all the things I’m doing.  At these moments, everything seems so silly.  But then I snap out of it and realize that I’m doing them all because I enjoy them.  And if I should be wasting my time on anything, it should be on things I enjoy.

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Lately, I’ve been reading about not getting lost in everyday meaningless tasks and instead pouring that time into what matters to you.  More specifically, I read 18 Minutes by Peter Bregman and The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp.  When I was first starting or even entertaining the idea of pushing my artwork further, I read so many books about entrepreneurship, creativity, productivity, business and how others have managed to launch creative careers.  Nowadays, I don’t read as many of those, but every once in a while it’s nice to reinforce and refine some of what I’m doing by reading about others who have done it before me.  One of the biggest things I got from reading these books is that you cannot succeed if you are not trying.  Some people talk about ‘luck’, but luck just means that when a great opportunity strikes, you’re ready for it.  So, if I’m not at my studio, doing what I love to do, I’m not going to come up with great ideas and therefore I will not make great pieces.  That’s not to say I won’t make awful pieces, of course, failure is part of the process, I do understand that.  There’s a lot more to these books and I recommend both of them to anyone who’s into this kind of thing, but I tend to pick and choose whatever sticks with me from all these different people and figure out my own systems to work so I can’t really speak for fully integrating these ideas.

Over the next few days (weeks?), I’ll be making some changes on the website.  If all goes well, you won’t even know I’m making the changes because I’ll do it so smoothly and well.  This, of course, is a joke :) Realistically, I’m going to run into some issues and a lot of them will be me making things more complex than they need to be.  So please excuse the temporary mess if you happen to run into it!

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