Bunnies, Crabs and Cranes

As a fun side project, I’m currently playing with some tattoo designs for friends. After having worked on one project for the majority of the past year, I’m very happy to take on little projects for now instead :) Especially when they are a bit more fun and for friends! I did a simple simplification of a bunny for one friend and am now working on another animal tattoo (a crane and crab) for another friend. Both of the tattoo ideas are symbolic of my friends’ families and both are unique to each of the families’ histories. Here’s some of the images so far:

20121212-100614.jpg 20121212-100721.jpg 20121212-100811.jpg

And as a side note, I’m considering a tattoo of my own, but am waiting to figure out just the right one :) here’s two that I love:

20121212-101012.jpg 20121212-101455.jpg
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