Center for Independence Benefit

Over the weekend, I got to volunteer for a benefit for the Center of Independence, a school that one of my favorite kids, Ben, attends :)  The Center for Independence works with children with special needs, teaching them life skills as simple as standing up or tying their shoes, to more advanced independence.  The video they have posted on their website does a much better job explaining just how amazing they are and how important the work they do is to these kids and their families.

And indeed, I have proof of this bicycle crashing madness on my car door :)

 I have always been fascinated with the work that the Center does and am excited to help them out in any way I can.  The benefit was wonderful!  Here’s a couple photos from the event, which was Roaring 20’s themed:

As you can see, some of the kids from the Center got dolled up and attended the event.  Some of their graduates even helped out, which is amazing :)

This gorgeous piece of art was actually painted by the kids at the Center and was auctioned off at the benefit.  The money raised at this benefit is used for scholarships for the kids, for supplies and equipment.  Over $.90 of every dollar that is raised goes directly to the kids!  They have never turned a family away because of finances and the work they do is truly amazing.  I cannot say enough good things about the Center :)  Having worked with Ben for several years, I know how difficult even the smallest tasks are for kids who have to do them differently.  But I’ve also seen how gratifying it is for Ben to overcome these different obstacles and how much everyone around him simply adores him :)  Anyway, the Center is one of my favorite organizations and I am happy to share their story!

Also, in other news, my mom is back in town, which makes me a much happier camper :)

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