Changes, Changes, Changes

A couple changes going on that I’m pretty excited about :)  First, I recently signed a lease for my very own studio.  Working at home has been extremely difficult and I am very, very excited to have a work space.  The studio is located within a larger printmaking studio, Spudnik Press, which is exciting for several reasons.  First of all, there are artists constantly coming in and out of the studio, which is absolutely wonderful, since I haven’t had the opportunity to work along other artists since I finished DePaul.  Just having the option to interact with others who are also creating something will be worth it.  I will also have access to printing equipment, which means I can start doing etchings again, as well as screenprinting and learn numerous other techniques through Spudnik classes.  They also have a wonderful connection with the community and often work with local schools, hold community donation based workshops and seem to be quite involved with the Chicago art community.  All things I am excited to learn more about and get involved with.  And, the most wonderful part of having a studio?  I don’t have to setup and clean up every time I do something!  It is time consuming, it is a drag and it messes up the whole process.  I’m so excited for this!  I’ll have pictures of the studio up soon, in the meantime, here’s one of Spudnik!

I will be volunteering at the Spudnik booth at the Renegade Fair tomorrow, Saturday, September 8 from 4:30pm-8pm.  Please stop by!

Another big change… I am no longer employed full time.  Aka, I kind of quit my job to be an artist.  But that’s over simplifying it :)  I realized that I cannot hold a 9-5 without sacrificing my art, and I’m just not ready to do that.  If there is ever a time to take a risk like this, I feel like this is my time.  I will continue babysitting, because that is what I do, and I’ve always loved working with kids, but I will not be looking for full time employment for now.  I will reevaluate later this year, if not at the beginning of 2013 and see how I feel about my situation then.  Regardless, I’m excited to focus on my art, if only for a while!

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