Charlie Megna: Lost Tribes of Renni


There’s a new show up at Spudnik Press with pieces by Charlie Megna.  I was excited to see this show ever since I saw the above image on a postcard earlier this month and I was not disappointed.  The colorful guache images are all painted on black paper and approximately 22″ x 30″.  Here’s the background information for the pieces (from Spudnik’s website):

“Heavily influenced by Eastern philosophy, Native American rituals and American skate culture, Charlie Megna’s colorful gouache and gold-leaf paintings combine loaded, symbolic motifs with the banal, the humorous and the commonplace. In these tribe paintings, we recognize glimpses of sacred ceremonies that feel familiar, but that expand with closer inspection into mystery and secrecy. In addition to the paintings, Megna creates costumes and physical relics to further realize the world of his tribes, and is preparing a small-run artist’s book of myths and alphabets to accompany this show. When exhibited along with the paintings, these surrounding materials combine to take the shape of an anthropological exhibition comprised of the real artifacts of an imaginary society.”

CharlieMegna-7The show also included garments, beads, tools, etc. from this imaginary society.  While it did add to the show, I think the paintings themselves would have done just fine by themselves as well.  Seeing powerful images like these makes me want to start collecting art!  One day…

The show is up until August 2nd and the exhibition hours are Monday and Thursdays 6:30-11pm Fridays and Saturdays 12:30-5pm or by appointment.  Or you can view the show as you’re passing it on your way to visit my studio :)

You can find more information about the show on Spudnik’s website.

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