Chicago Allstate Half Marathon

This past Saturday, my little sister ran her first half-marathon, which meant a) I wasn’t allowed to run it so that I ‘wouldn’t slow her down’ and b) I actually got to see the winners of the race cross the finish line for the first time.

HalfMarathon-4 HalfMarathon-5

Bernard Lagat finished the 13.1 mile race in 1:05:56 as the Male Overall Winner and Meagan Nedlo finished in 1:22:45 as the Female Overall Winner.  That’s a 5:02 and 6:19 average mile!  That’s also crazy.  My long distance runs usually average to about twice that…  The world record for the half for men is 58:23 and for women is 1:05:50. While I’m jealous of their running abilities, it gives me comfort to know that I can probably out-bookbind them any day :)  We each have our unique talents, right?

HalfMarathon-1 HalfMarathon-3 HalfMarathon-7
HalfMarathon-2 HalfMarathon-8

Since this was Maggie’s first half marathon (she has done 5ks and a 15k before), she was very excited to finish. So excited, in fact, that she kept reminding everyone throughout the weekend that had indeed run 13.1 miles on Saturday :)  She got slightly upset with one of the people along the route who had told her she was almost there (she was also under the impression that the finish was in the same spot as the start) and had just realized in the above photo that her sprint to the finish line was a bit premature, and in fact, she had a lot more to go than she thought :)  Soon after she said she hates running and will never run again.  And soon after that, she was asking me questions about marathons.  And on that note, today marks the beginning of my own training!

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