Chicago Creative Expo

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I recently attended the Chicago Creative Expo at the Chicago Cultural Center and got to sit in on a number of workshops (the audio of which will be posted on the Chicago Artists Resource sometime in the near future, when it is, I will share!) and the main message from the workshops seemed to be, people will treat you as a professional if you act as a professional.  Whether it was the pricing workshop that urged artists to price their work based on average market prices, or the artist finances workshop that went over how artists do taxes, it was a great deal of inspiring information from people who work or at one point had worked as artists.  Other than the slight hiccup during a financial workshop where an elderly man referred to non-arts jobs as ‘real jobs’ (there was a loud gasp and a couple highly uncomfortable laughs that were heard in the room immediately after his comment), the whole day was quite enjoyable and I got to meet a number of great and inspiring people.  Also, the Chicago Cultural Center is a BEAUTIFUL building and usually has free shows going on so you should all go explore it :)

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