Chicago Marathon 2013

To answer your first question, no I didn’t win gold.  Almost, though, somebody beat me by approximately 4 hours.  Second question – yes, I did finish!  My first half went super smooth, with flying colors.  The second half, however, I took a wrong turn and ended up in Struggletown, only to find my way out at the 26 mile marker.  (This is figurative of course, Struggletown is actually in Australia.  Also, I would have actually just quit had I taken a wrong turn).  This year, I also had a running buddy, who prioritized training for the marathon about as much as I did (which is not too much… life happened), so it was nice to motivate each other and threaten to never speak to each other again when times got rough and one of us tried to push too hard or not hard enough :)

The race started out absolutely freezing, which was great while we were running, but not so great when we were hanging out in the corrals…

2013-photo 1 (2) 2013-photo 3 2013-photo 5
2013-photo 2 2013-photo 3 (2) 2013-photo 5 (2)

And, if you’re a visual person, like I am, here’s a progression of my crazy, wide awake at 5am eyes (I’m slightly embarrassed to put that on here, so I’ll even it out with a more pleasing photo taken by Evelyn below…), to my over half way but I’m about to give up eyes, to my finished but I’m also not sure how to stand anymore eyes.

2013-photo 2a 2013-photo 1

That’s all I’ve got on my second (last?) Chicago Marathon. I’m ready to stick to other activities for a while that don’t make me lose all feeling in my lower body. Maybe do some shorter races, or maybe just not :) We’ll see. Congrats to all my fellow runners (especially Evelyn and Maddy!) and thanks to all the volunteers and the 26.2 miles of cheerleaders that showed up!

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