Chicago Postcard

I’ve been taking a printmaking class and working on the first project, designed to get us started and comfortable with screenprinting.  It will just be two colors.  I’ve been screenprinting off and on since high school, but this is the first time I’ve actually had anyone teach me through a class and it’s making a huge difference and making everything much easier and faster :)  Here’s the process my design went through:

I wanted to focus on the culture of Chicago, which is why I scrapped the ferris wheel in the final design.  There’s an Art Institute lion for the visual arts, the Pritzker Pavilion for music and the Chicago Theater sign for… theater (as you may have guessed).  The final print will have two colors.  Now I’m working on separating the two colors onto two separate sheets so I am ready to burn the screen next week. I’ll have photos of how the print turned out next week :)

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