Chris and his $100 Startup book tour

I’m back to my regular posting schedule now.  Last couple of posts were a bit more sporadic (or maybe on time… I don’t even know) but now I’m back to making it a point to go back to 3 posts a week.

I got the opportunity to attend Chris Guillebeau’s book talk and signing this week.  I’ve always enjoyed Chris’s writing and he was one of the reasons I started my blog, got serious about my art and eventually quit my job, so I feel like I owe him quite a bit of credit for getting me to where I am.  So when I saw that he was stopping in Chicago, I made it a point to go see him.  It was nice to meet the guy behind the writing and see him interact with people whose life he influenced.  While there was not much new information I got from the event, it was great to hear some more detail about the stories I’ve read about and Chris himself.

I thought it would only be fitting to have Chris sign my book, and I especially enjoyed the stamp he had.  It was one of the illustrations included in his recent book, but I didn’t give it as much thought until I saw it stamped:

Oftentimes, we get so caught up in making the ‘right’ decision that we don’t make any decisions at all.  But fortunately (unfortunately?), there is no right or wrong way of doing things and we will never know with a hundred percent certainty how our decision will pan out until we make it.  There are multiple paths we can take and they are all correct, and they will all lead us closer to our goals than we would have been.  One of my favorite new ways of making tough decisions is asking “what’s the worst that could happen?”  Oftentimes, the worst situation possible is one we can deal with :)  And the benefits of success are worth the small risk.

If you’re interested in reading something inspiring, I recommend starting with Chris’ Brief Guide to World Domination.  It’s free to download and quite worthwhile :)  Enjoy!

Also, thank you to Briana for agreeing to attend this with me despite not really knowing what it was :)  I needed someone by my side so I wasn’t creeping around alone.  Creeping around with a friend is always more enjoyable!

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