Collaborative letterpress Maps book (and holiday cards!)


One of the main things I missed after finishing undergrad (other than access to equipment of course) was the community. I mentioned it before but I can’t emphasize it enough. One of the main ideas that stuck with me from Steal Like an Artist was that nothing is new. We do not live in a vacuum and our original ideas are not really original but rather a culmination of everything we’ve learned from others but perhaps shown through a new perspective. So here’s where having a studio in a larger artist community comes in handy :) seeing others creating and in some instances creating with others from very different backgrounds is so great. I had my last letterpress class this week and we created a mini book together, which was fun. Sometimes it’s nice to make art that doesn’t involve sitting in a small room by yourself for hours :) although don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy working for hours all by my lonesome. There’s a dynamic you get in classes though that you just can’t get when working alone. There’s more energy, more ideas being thrown around and certainly more learning, since you get to learn from everyone’s mistakes in addition to your own.
Anyway, we all made this book. I sort of cheated and jumped right into plates versus working with type, so mine is slightly different from the others, you’ll recognize it if you’ve been following along on the blog :). All in all, it was a great class with some great people and a great new process to learn.

As a side note, this also allowed me to make some holiday cards since I was ordering plates anyway :) The first run turned out pretty bad, so I won’t embarrass myself and share those, but here’s the second run!


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