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I’ve known Evelyn for years and years and years now, and Stan for nearly as long.  These two got engaged this year and I’m so excited to be able to watch them go through all the exciting changes that come with the transition from dating to marriage.

EandS-2-2 EandS-8

They allowed me to take some photos of them and I can’t even tell you what troopers they were.  The first day we had planned to take photos, there ended up being a tornado, so I suppose the freezing weather was the lesser of the two evils, but still not the most comfortable environment :)  Turns out couples photos are harder than individual photos (this had been obvious from the beginning, but it didn’t dawn on me until I looked at all the photos I had taken).  Thanks for bearing with my learning and posing, Evelyn and Stan!



EandS-6 EandS-3

Also, I can’t not show this two gems (everyone please take a moment to appreciate that pun). Sorry, Evelyn.

EandS-9 EandS-10


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