Deer and Non-Deer Photography


This past weekend, I visited a deer park (complete with goats, horses, pigs and other non-deer) and being the pet photographer that I am, ended up with a good 200 photographs of deer and non-deer.  So, here’s the resulting image heavy post.

DeerPark-2 DeerPark-3
DeerPark-6 DeerPark-5

Somebody clearly said a funny joke in the above picture on the right, so myself and my new dear friend (see what I did there?) are having a good laugh!


And then there was this guy…

DeerPark-11 DeerPark-12
DeerPark-13 DeerPark-14




I love hanging out with animals. In an alternate life, I could easily be some sort of zookeeper, farmer, animal nanny or crazy dog/cat/bird hoarder.

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