Estudia Hoy (Zurzular 2011)

ESTUDIA HOY (ZURZULAR 2010)   is an artist’s book based on photographs taken on a Global Brigades trip to Honduras in December 2010.  The images depict the children from the village of Zurzular throughout their short school day as dictated by the availability of teachers and classrooms.  Currently, the average education level of rural Hondurans is the 6th grade.  In Zurzular, in specific, the literacy rate is 60%.  Through their mission to improve general living conditions through multiple projects, Global Brigades works with students and local Hondurans to improve health and quality of life and prepare for a better future.  General improvements such as integrating a water system or pouring concrete floors can prevent sickness and ailments, allowing those affected to use their time and resources to improve other aspects of their lives, such as pursuing a further education.  This education can and will change the future of these too often ignored and isolated communities.  The book functions as an accordion style traditional book, but the pages can also be slipped out of the cover and be hung up and displayed as one horizontal image.  For more information about Zurzular and Global Brigades, visit the Global Brigades or  DePaul Global Brigades.