Etchings Part 2

As a follow up to my last post on the etching process my print went through, I dug up the copper plates for that print. 20130521-230241.jpg What I love about printmaking is that it’s a happy medium between drawing and making duplicates through regular old printing. Unlike printing, there is a bit of tactile texture, as the ink sits on the paper. Also unlike printing, there are slight differences in each of the prints due to human error (and we all know how I feel about mistakes and accidents). And similar to printing, of course, you end up with more than one piece. I tend to keep my editions quite small, usually under 10 prints, but you can actually keep printing until the plate wears down. This particular print was an edition of 5 prints and I believe I still have two. 20130521-230556.jpg From my numerous art history classes, I vaguely recall learning about artists from some point in history who, after completing an edition would ruin their plates by drawing an X over the image or something along those lines (are you impressed by all the detailed information I remember?). I like to keep my plates intact, however. I likely will not reprint the images, since like I said, I keep my editions small on purpose, but I like the way the plates look and after all the work that went in them, I can’t bear to ruin them :)

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