Etsy shops!

I’ve been working on setting up an etsy shop for some of the artwork and handbound journals.  I am still working out logistics, but am thinking of opening two separate shops, one exclusively for artwork, including some of the following prints:

I hope to add some new works soon as well, ones that I started and have been working (very slowly) to finish. The second shop I’d like to open is one for handmade books, journals and sketchbooks. I love binding books and working with paper so I’m going to start playing around with different types of products :) Here’s a little preview one I started a couple nights ago:

This little guy is a travel notebook.  It’s got pre-printed pages inside allowing you to document your travels.  More detailed photos will be included later so you can see the inside :)  I’ve got a couple more in the works, hoping to get this up and running within the next few weeks.


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