Target Gallery Show

In order to exhibit artwork, at least at my stage of my art career, you have to apply, apply, apply and apply.  So when someone does include my work in their show, it makes me extremely happy and excited :)  Unfortunately, I was not able to attend Target Gallery’s opening last night, but I did send a friend over and he took some photos for me, drank some wine, ate some cake and drank some more wine like a pro (might I also mention he bravely stopped a fight between two grown men on the way to the gallery as the crowd around him just watched?  Like some sort of superhero med student, or probably closer to the truth… ninja!).  I’m very thankful for the hard work and sacrifice that went into attending this for me ;) but in all seriousness, he probably should have been studying, so I AM very thankful!

The show was held at the Target Gallery in the Torpedo Factory Art Center, which, true to its name, was actually a torpedo factory until June 1945.  Now, it is a building converted into an art center, full of artists :)  You can read more about their history here.  Anyway, here’s some photos from the show, courtesy of Greg:

Here’s a link to see all the pieces that are included in the show if you cannot make it out to Alexandria, but are still curious:

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