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If I were a super blogger, I would go to events when they first opened and then share them in a timely fashion so that anyone interested could still attend.  But I am not a super blogger… so here’s a little from the the expo that happened two weekends ago :)

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The expo itself was great, but nothing out of the ordinary, so instead, I thought I’d just share some of my favorite pieces.  I may go into more depth on some of these artists later, but for now, you can click through the photos to the artists’ websites (except the third one, I can’t find a website for Mpane…)  Being at art shows and museums always refreshes my excitement about art.  Sometimes I feel a bit worn out and question all the decisions I’ve made and going to see a great show is always a great antidote.  Having said that, I think I need to go see another show.  Or maybe I just need some more sleep :)




IC Cont Series by Aime Mpane


Four photographs from Smoking Kids series by Frieke Janssens

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