Exquisite Corpse Letterpress Book

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been helping Jenna Rodriguez teach a letterpress class at Spudnik Press. But more accurately, I’ve been shadowing Jenna as she teaches and learning from her :). One of the projects that she had thought up for the class was to make an exquisite corpse poetry book. She had each of the students set two sentences for the book and then the pages were cut up so that the resulting stories (poetry?) could be played with.  I’ve played with the drawing version of an exquisite corpse before, but never realized that the idea was actually started by the surrealists using text . It ended up being a very fun and playful project and great introduction to metal type. (My class collaborated on a book with Jenna a while back as well.) Here’s some images of the book: 20140212-233223.jpg






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