First Studio Photoshoot


I got to play with a studio photoshoot this week with a close friend of mine.  What’s difficult for me about studio photography is that it can get extremely complex and includes many different little parts and you, as the photographer can control every single one of them.  If there is something wrong with the photograph, you can fix lights, you can cover or put up reflective surfaces, you can have the model turn one way or the other, you can move and each and every one of these options, even when moved just slightly will produce different results.  I think the hardest part for me was that I don’t have enough practice with the lights to intuitively know what they will do if I move them or if I change their power etc. so until I become more knowledgeable, it’s kind of an educated guessing game.  The setup took me a while as I am amateur photographer like myself who doesn’t have an assistant, so next time I think I’ll convince someone to help me with some of the setup, metering and light changes.  Once we got setup and going, it was fun and I love how the images turned out!  Thanks to Briana for being a good sport about my requests and sitting nicely while I moved lights around her in the slightly too warm of a room, which gets exponentially hotter when you have 4 lights flashing at you every couple of seconds :)

Briana-24 Briana-6 Briana-16
Briana-4 Briana-22

I’d like to point out that this first pose below was specifically requested by my model :D I do love the facial expressions I got throughout the shoot!

Briana-3 briana-2.1
Briana-19 Briana-15


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  1. Angelika,

    Your blog is amazing! I love all of your posts. Thank you! May you continue to have tons of success in the art world.

    P.S. Yes, having an assistant and a Fan at the photo shoot makes all the difference.

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