For and Against Modern Art: The Armory Show + 100 at DePaul Art Museum

I recently saw DePaul University’s For and Against Modern Art: The Armory Show + 100.  It’s a rather small show, but I enjoyed what was included in it and it’s historical significance.  It’s been a hundred years since the Armory Show of 1913 (here’s another article), a show that was very significant in shaping our idea of what modern art is and what it can be.  I’m including two pieces I especially enjoyed from the show, as well as the wall text from DePaul Art Museum.

Edvard Munch IMG_7191-2

This Munch lithograph makes me want to learn lithography. It’s a happy medium between drawing and printmaking, both of which I love. While I could do without the skeleton in the piece (to each his own, Edvard, to each his own…), I do love the female figure, with her thick eyebrows and/or dark shadows, the swept hair and the simplicity of the marks that form her face.

IMG_7193-2 Krehbiel, Albert H

With this piece, I think part of the reason I like it so much is the stains on the paper and how they work with the drawing, which is funny because I don’t believe they were intentional at all (you can see here that the three figure drawings toward the bottom all seem to have the same stains.  It’s something that I would be tempted to replicate intentionally!).  Regardless, taking the piece for what it currently is, I do think it’s beautiful and I love how little detail you can see in the face, the shadows take over.

The show is up until June 16th, and although it is currently the only one up right now, you can wait and also see War Baby/Love Child: Mixed Race Asian American Art which opens on the 25th of this month.  There is also a talk on the evening of April 24th if anyone’s interested.

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