Artwork by Giacometti

Giacometti is one of those artists that make me fall in love with sculpture. I was first introduced to his work a long while back at the Art Institute of Chicago and ever since then I have been regularly going back to his work for inspiration (but really to steal ideas).

Although there’s no arguing that his pieces are clearly sculptures, they’re also very flat and two dimensional in some ways, perhaps that’s why that he’s one if the few 3D artists I love and understand.

20130417-093149.jpg 20130417-093203.jpg 20130417-093230.jpg

Of course, I also love his 2D work, his prints, drawings and paintings. Throughout my formal fine art education, I’ve always felt the pressure to develop a ‘style’ or a ‘body of work’ and yet I constantly felt like I was just creating individual pieces. I still do sometimes. Giacometti has exactly what I am striving for. His work has a consistency across the board, from his prints, drawings, paintings and sculptures, the pieces are very clearly his. There is some sort of underlining ideal he is striving for and he is reaching it in all these pieces.

20130417-093250.jpg 20130417-093209.jpg 20130417-093223.jpg

Here’s the face behind the pieces, a self-portrait and behind the scenes shot:

20130417-093139.jpg 20130417-093155.jpg
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