Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco-1
I usually don’t like to photograph architecture or buildings or structures, but the Golden Gate Bridge, for one reason or another, can hold my interest for quite a while. Every time I come by this bridge, I find a new interesting angle.
San Francisco-2
This most recent visit to San Francisco was probably the foggiest I’ve seen the city. Which also meant it was quite chilly. Every time I visit San Francisco, I come armed with knowledge from the last visit and think I’m prepared. Then, every time I’m proven wrong and feel unprepared for how cold and windy it can get. You’d think that coming from Chicago would make me a bit tougher, but I seem to enter the false ‘it’s California, therefore it must be hot’ mindset when packing. Anyway, as you can see in the last photo, both the moms and my friend Kathy bundled up as much as we could while braving the cold :)
San Francisco-3 San Francisco-4 San Francisco-6 San Francisco-7 San Francisco-8 San Francisco-9

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