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On a recent visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, I discovered the work of Goshka Macuga.  While her work originally drew me in, the fact that we both hail from the beautiful country of Poland got me even more interested :) To be honest, I really only got a good look at one of the pieces (due to time limitations and limitations on how far I was allowed to travel with my wine and snacks).  I did plan on coming back, but was disappointed to find out that the show closed the next day.  Regardless, here is the piece that drew me in to the show in the first place (with the guard included for scale):

photo 1 photo 2

I’m not exactly sure why I was so intrigued by this piece (other than those textures… always the textures…), but I think it was that platform.  Traditionally, sculpture in museums is presented on a platform in order to not only give importance to the piece, but also make it more easy to view and safe in terms of no one stepping on it (this is my personal professional point of view, as one of my friends would call it).  This platform, however, seems obtrusive.  It makes the sculpture impossible to see from up close and makes the sculpture less accessible.  This makes the group of individuals on the platform (we know it is a family from the title) isolated and almost some sort of sacred.  The size further pushed this idea.  Those were my initial reactions to the piece, I found this audio afterwards with the artist speaking about the sculpture: 241. “Model for a Sculpture (Family)”  Here’s a video from the MCA website of Macuga talking about some of her work:

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