Gregory Scott’s Video Painting Photographs

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Over the weekend I saw some of Gregory Scott’s mixed media pieces, photographs that incorporate video and painting.  Or paintings that incorporate photographs and video.  Or is it videos that incorporate photographs and painting?  I can’t tell.  Whatever it is, it works.  At first, the image seemed to be just a painting (or just a photograph) but I saw people standing in front of it and staring.  This isn’t completely unusual in an art exhibit, but it almost looked like a huddle which caused me to return to the piece.

This reminds me of Nicolas Ritter (I shared some of his work toward the end of this post).  Sometimes it’s hard to combine media and make it look coherent, so it’s especially impressive that Scott combined three very different processes into one piece.  It’s also a fun play on museums and each piece telling a story.  Here are a couple more from the same series (and even more here if you’re interested):

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