Harry Potter Invitations

I was asked to design and create some Harry Potter invitations for two little men that I’ve watched grow up for the past 7 years :) The requests were 1) maybe work with the white owl (or, for those of us who may or may not have read the whole series more than once- Hedwig) and 2) get some sort of 3-D element going. I liked the idea of the owl delivering the mail, so I came up with this:

Working with the text that I was provided but wish I could take credit for, I also thought a broom would be a nice addition, and if there’s a broom, there needs to be a snitch.

broom and snitch

If you ever wonder how professional I get when I’m working on my projects, here is the work in progress on my favorite work space – the floor. My current cutting mat of choice- Oprah magazine. The fuel that keeps me going- OJ.

HarryPotter-1-2 HarryPotter-2-2

As far as the envelope and mailing cost-friendly 3-D element, I raised the bird’s wings, beak and claws by cutting them out and putting some mounting foam underneath. It is not clear from this photo, but they are indeed coming off the page ever so slightly but noticeably, I promise. I cut the owls out of thicker cover paper so that when the invitation is closed, the claws hold it shut.

After the invitations were made, I made some matching envelopes with the Gryffindor crest on the back to match the Gryffindor colors of the invitation. HarryPotter-3

Fun Fact: the British and English Harry Potter books are slightly different. I was on a trip to London to visit some family when the last book came out and since it was not even a question of whether or not I would have to read the book right away even though I was on an exciting trip abroad, I bought it and read it within two or three days. I was surprised to see that I had been reading ‘translated’ books all along :) (it’s true, it’s on Wikipedia and wiki never lies.)

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