Hot Chocolate Runnin’

My baby sister and I did our first race together yesterday :)  Ever since her first run, Maggie has been itching to run another race.  Since she’s a chocolate fanatic, I knew this was the race for her.  Per usual, however, I kept putting off the sign up, until it was too late and 5k had filled up.  I told her this was the case and told her she could either go for the 15k, or we could find another 5k.  The little trooper decided she’d try the 15k, so I signed up with her, figuring it would encourage me to keep running post marathon.  Boy was I wrong.  Didn’t even run a mile since the marathon.  I kept telling myself I would, but then decided that after all the hard work of the marathon, I deserved a break.  And that break extended, day by day and week by week.  It was quite nice :)  but certainly did not prepare me for the 15k.  After reading some horror stories on Facebook about Friday’s bib pick up (3 hour wait just for the bib!), we decided to go to the expo fairly early on Saturday.  Good thing we did, since it turned chaotic Saturday evening as well.   We lucked out with a 25 minute wait on Saturday morning.  On Sunday, we lucked out x2, as we hit traffic and arrived to the race much later than intended.  Thankfully, since I didn’t put in any starting times, our section hadn’t even moved yet, allowing us to stretch and warm up as much as we could in the cold weather.  If you recall, I have a habit of showing up late to races

Once we were settled, and we examined everyone’s shoes, outfits, adornments etc…. we stood there for another half hour.  It was a very anti-climactic end to our rush to the race.  But it was a huge race, and I probably should have expected as much.  Maggie and myself did find this man in a tutu pretty great and, without his knowledge, decided we would join his family (he had two other ladies with him, wearing tutus as well).  This man kept us going even when we didn’t really feel like going (Later, Maggie was even lucky enough to sneak into his family photo at the finish line!).  One of my favorite things about races in Chicago is the opportunity to run into places that I would not otherwise run into.  For example, these painted trees at the 31st Street harbor.  I can’t really find too much information about this, but I have found out that they are dead trees, painted and installed here in 2010.  This may or may not have been inspired or a side project from the Painted Forest in Lincoln Park.

Anyway, as I soon learned, young kids (and by this I mean preteen girls, half your age) have a lot more energy than us old folks.  I’m only half kidding here.  This girl, at mile 6 and 7 and 8 and 9 was ready to hop and skip and twirl through the race.  She whipped out some of her new Footloose moves (which we had learned the day before as we viewed Footloose (1984) and Footloose (2011) back to back and discussed the pros and cons of each), as well as some of her also newly learned cheerleader moves.  Also, being the jerk she is, she sprinted ahead at every sensor, so her times overall were shorter than mine.  This girl…  As you can see in the photos, she was also strutting and running backwards throughout.  Probably making everyone else who was tired, or was having major hip issues (me…!) pretty upset.

Despite her sprints and shenanigans, we made up at the finish line and were rewarded with treats at the end.  My deal with Maggie was that if she beat me, she could have both of our hot chocolates and if I beat her, I would get to take both of our hot chocolates and spill them out (this is because I find sugary drinks like this gross.  Not because they are unhealthy… they just make me feel sick).  Anyway, girlfriend sprinted for her life at the end and, of course, me being the sweet older sister I am, I let her ;)  I even let her have my fondue and my marshmallow.  So, despite the bad rap that this race has been getting over the last few years, Maggislaus and I had a pretty good experience.

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