Hubbard Street Lofts Open House


Over the weekend, I got to explore the rest of the building within which my studio is located, which was really great.  Since I’m new to the building, it was fun to meet some of our neighbors.  Turns out we have a hair cuttery, a textile worker, a couple more art studios, a cosmetics seller (or online store?  Not exactly sure about this one…) and several more in the building.  Gerda Meyer Bernstein’s studio stood out particularly.  I didn’t get any images, unfortunately, since I was too busy exploring her space to even think about it, but here are photos from her website of the two installations that resonated with me:

The two pieces above are Exercise in Futility and Gaza Tunnel.  Both were wonderful to see in person.  I’ve always been fascinated with spaces that overwhelm.  And these two installations did just that.  Large, impossible to ignore and evoking emotional and physical responses.  As we walked through Gaza Tunnel, the space made us feel dizzy.  Both very powerful installations.

Here are a couple more photos from the event:

I’m excited to jump on in on all the fun next year and open my studio up for visits, too :)

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