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I just finished an incredibly busy and tiring, but also great, weekend filled with many classes, some great friends and very little sleep (see above).  So, that’s my excuse on my blog slacking.  But I’m back on track now (fingers crossed).  I think I’ve already established how much I love children photography, so I don’t think anyone will be surprised that I fell in love with these portraits of her daughter dressed up as strong females by Jaime Moore.  Moore wrote about this in her blog, so I won’t reiterate too much, but it’s great to see kids look up to to some real men and women, instead of your typical princesses and superheroes.  It’s so inspiring to hear about the underdogs who just beat the odds, even moreso when you know that at one point, they were kids just like you.


Jane Goodall


Amelia Earhart


Coco Chanel


Helen Keller


Susan B. Anthony

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