January in Chicago Art

I was talking about art being accessible in the last post, so going off of that, here’s some more free opportunities for art:


Art Institute is free Jan. 7-Feb. 13 for all Illinois residents.  I’m heading over tomorrow to see the Rarely Seen Contemporary Works on Paper exhibit and the Hito Steyrl exhibit among other things.  I’m also really excited about this upcoming exhibit on Picasso and Chicago.


Museum of Contemporary Art is free all Tuesdays for Illinois residents.  I’ll be going to see this  William Kentridge exhibit.


Spudnik Press will have an exhibit at the Annex of Daniel Mellis‘ Artist’s Books which I am excited to see.  If you stop by you can say hello :)  It’ll be up January 12th-February 23rd with the opening reception on January 12th, which I will unfortunately have to miss.


And, unfortunately their website does not seem to be functioning at the moment (maybe it will be by the time I post this), but I also recommend stopping by Intuit and plan to do so myself.  This is one of my favorite galleries in Chicago, it exhibits works that were not made by traditionally trained artists, but rather art brut, self-taught or non-traditional folk art.  I first came to this gallery in high school and saw an exhibit on citrus peel sculptures made by prisoner Daniel Watson who is serving a life sentence in California.  The exhibition also included some of his portraits.  I believe there’s a $5 admission fee for this gallery, but I’ve never been disappointed by this gallery, so I say it’s worth it.

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